Welcome to EAFC! We're excited to offer you access to our two airplanes, a Piper Cherokee 140 and a Piper Arrow 200 (a complex aircraft), based at the Wood County Regional Airport (1G0). As a member, you can use these planes and enjoy the freedom of flying at your own leisure. We take care of all fuel and operational costs, which are covered by a combination of monthly membership dues and hourly flight-time fees. Come and experience the joy of flying with EAFC!


Are you looking to learn how to fly in the Bowling Green or Toledo area? Look no further! While we are not a traditional flight school, joining our flying club is one of the most affordable ways to obtain your Private Pilot License and beyond. As a club member, you will have access to our trainer airplane for lessons, and we can connect you with a range of approved Certified Flight Instructors (or, you can bring your own!). Our experienced team is here to support you every step of the way as you pursue your passion for flying. Join us today and take the first step towards becoming a licensed pilot!

September 2023: Due to a shortage of instructors, students without a PPL will need to go on a waitlist to join. Anyone bringing their own CFI will get priority.


Welcome to EAFC, where our love for aviation brings us together! Since 2003, we have been an informal group of pilots who share a passion for flying and spreading the joy of aviation. Our safe and well-maintained aircraft are available for use by all members, regardless of whether you have a pilot license or not. We are always looking for new members who share our enthusiasm for aviation, and we invite you to join us today. As a member of EAFC, you'll have access to our planes, as well as the opportunity to connect with other aviation enthusiasts and participate in club events. Come fly with us and experience the freedom of the skies!


Our Airplanes


1973 Piper Arrow II


1968 Piper Cherokee 140


$500 Deposit

$125/MO DUES


What does it cost?

At EAFC, we're not just a business that rents airplanes – we're a community of aviation enthusiasts who share the cost of owning our aircraft in exchange for equal access to flying them. Joining our club is easy – all it takes is a $500 deposit, 80% of which is refundable if and when you leave the club. To help cover fixed expenses, we collect $1500 annually in dues, paid as $125 per month. Members are responsible for their portion of actual flight time at a rate of $105* per Hobbs Hour Wet, which includes the cost of fuel.

If you have multiple pilots in your family, we also offer an Associate membership with no deposit required and a 50% discount on dues (an active Regular membership is required to sponsor the Associate member).

For those interested in flying both the Cherokee and the Arrow, the deposit is $700 ($560 refundable), dues are $1860 per year ($155 per month), and the Arrow's hourly cost is $145 per Tach Hour Wet.

* Note: Wet rate may vary based on average fuel price at 1G0, but will never be lower than $105/hr for the Cherokee


Julie joins the club and flies the Cherokee for 5.5 hours.
Price to join: $625 = $500 (deposit) + $125 (first month's dues)
Flight Time Billed at end of month: $577.50 = 5.5 x $105*

Years later, Julie leaves the club because she is moving out of the area.
Deposit returned: $400 (80% of deposit paid)

AUGUST 2022 IMPORTANT NOTE: The price of AVGAS reached an all-time high (nearly $8/gallon for 100LL this summer), so we had to temporarily adjust the wet rates higher. As of August 1, 2022, the Cherokee will use a rate of $120/hr. The rate is subject to further increases (and decreases) to follow the average price of 100LL fuel at our local airport.

Come fly with EAFC and experience the freedom of the skies while sharing your passion for aviation with other like-minded individuals.


Meet our CFI Friends

Need an instructor? These folks are already approved to fly in our planes.

Mike Ware

Tim Warren


Are you a Certified Flight Instructor looking to share your passion for flying? Consider getting on our approved instructor list at EAFC! We are always looking for experienced instructors to introduce our members to, whether they are building time or just learning to fly. By joining our list of approved instructors, you'll have the opportunity to connect with members of our aviation community and share your knowledge and experience. We welcome you to join us and become a part of the EAFC family!

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Wood County Regional Airport
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