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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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General Club Information

     Eagle Air Flying Club has just about 22 active members as of September 2013, we are actively seeking additional members to grow the club currently. An average ratio of 15 members per airplane is what we strive to maintain.

     Eagle Air is actively seeking new membership, this would allow us to acquire a third aircraft for our fleet. At this point we are not certain what manufacturer or model of airplane we would purchase and will leave that to our active membership. Our membership feels at this point purchasing an aircraft such as a Citabria may round out the fleet, offering the ability to have a tandem high wing airplane that is economical to fly is appealing. With that airplane a pilot could get his tail wheel endorsement, upset or spin training and even learn aerobatics.

     Currently we have two airplanes, our primary flight trainer is a 1968 Piper Cherokee 140 with the 160HP engine STC, this airplane is a four seat fixed gear airplane that is IFR certified with a VFR GPS in the panel. An excellent airplane that is very stable and easy to learn how to fly in, very capable with reasonable ground speed for trips up to 300 miles or so. Our second airplane is a 1973 Piper Arrow II, a complex retractable gear four seat airplane with a 200HP engine, also IFR certified with a Garmin GPS in the panel. This airplane has a higher payload capacity, faster ground speed and more room in the cabin for longer trips. In this airplane destinations like Atlantic City, NJ, Asheville, NC or St Louis, MO are within 3 hours or so depending on winds making it perfect for the occasional three day weekend or business trip.

     Please read our club by-laws, club rules, and when you are ready to join our application is availablehere, at anytime feel free to contact our club officers with any questions and also check the events calendar for upcoming meetings we encourage you to attend.

     Our Club is located at the Wood County Regional Airport (1G0), 1261 E. Poe Road, Bowling Green, Ohio, 43402.  The Airport location is N 41° 23.46' W83° 37.81' on the Detroit Sectional Chart and is 3.7 NM from the 176° Radial of the Waterville VOR.

     Bowling Green Regional Airport is home of the Flight Programs of Bowling Green State University.  This gives us access to students in the programs, some  have obtained their instructor ratings as part of their training.  A number of our members are flight instructors.  They are allowed to instruct other members in club aircraft.  Any member, with the proper credentials and endorsements can rent club aircraft for a nominal fee.

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